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This site, like many, uses Google Analytics, which uses Cookies to collect traffic data. This allows me to see in excruciating detail how much people hate the site. Ouch.

It lets me see:

It also keeps track of:

Don't flip out on me, I'm just telling you what 90% of other sites using Google Analytics aren't. Also, I'm not using your data for marketing or the like. I can only imagine how Google uses it, though (probably for marketing and the like).

Anyways, if this kind of thing creeps you out, like it does me, know that I'll be bringing you a sitewide opt-out option soon. Meanwhile, you can check out Google's (dubious?) opt-out option. After all, if you're the kind of person made uncomfortable by analytics, you're probably the same kind of person that loves installing 3rd-party browser plugins.


The statistics on this page have not been verified independently. Outside of using services, is in no way affiliated with Google. Nothing said on this page or on this site should be given any weight whatsoever or be taken in any context that could be construed as a defamation of character of any person or organization. Any content that appears to be such is intended as satire.

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