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7dfps – Zombies on Skiis

Originally made for 7dfps but never quite finished and not submitted. It’s technically just a toy and not a game but it’s a really fun toy.

Use WASD and the mouse to control yourself on skiis. You ski downhill and while you do have some speed control, how you move is largely determined by which way your skiis point and gravity. Hold the right mouse button to lock the skiis in the direction they are pointing.

The ski lift is functional, both for the player and the zombies.

Uses a free zombie model from Mixamo and a free rocket launcher model from Unity technologies.

Jam Games

These are games that have been made for game jams, which are game-making competitions with tight restrictions on time.

A few of these games weren’t finished in time for their respective competitions. Many of them have been improved afterwards, which is usually signified by a version labelled “post-jam” or “post-compo.”

Ludum Dare #27: Ten Seconds – Pro Crastinator

Features good graphics that were made entirely in-house, but sound is conspicuously absent.

Ludum Dare #26: Minimalism – Minimal Adventure

Intuitive, minimal controls and nice sound. However, the awesome intro that was added Post-Compo belies the amount of gameplay that’s actually there.

Some kinda tactics game

When Wonkyth asked on #ludumdare if anyone could help him prototype his game idea, how could I refuse? Prototyping games is what I DO. However, Wonkyth doesn’t drop by nearly often enough and I end up waiting on input a lot.

It’s supposed to be Fire Emblem meets Worms (or something like that). It’s very early and there’s not much to it: left click to select and move, right click to attack (if you’re close enough).

Turing: Dinosaur Hunter

For this one, I tried to focus on making the gameplay fun.

Another game that has it’s roots in #ludumdare. Fellow Ludumite Yeti asked if I wanted to make a warm-up game and compete with him. The theme was time travel. After our deadline of 3.5 hours, the concept was there but not much gameplay aside from movement. 23 and a half hours have gone into making this so far.